My Journey

Brandy Sue

1978 – It’s a GIRL! God designed a very unique Brandy Sue to take on the world! And as some say, “Save the world one smile at a time.” Although I cannot save the world, I can try to give the world that smile the Lord has given me.

My Mom

1980’s – My mom, my hero, was diagnosed with a malignant brain cancer that was spread through her brain like a cobweb. She was given only 6 months to live. She opted for quality vs. quantity and did not receive chemo nor radiation. God BLESSED us with her for TEN years! She should have been bed ridden or dead after 6 months, but she lived a full life until the day she went to dance with Jesus!

June 1996 – My mom went to be with the Lord

2002 – I met my husband and his daughter (which is now my blessing too). We married and began this journey of life together. Our daughter is also a survivor.

Aloura Kindergarten Letter Person Q for Queen

Aloura Kindergarten Letter Person Q for Queen (now 13 years old)

2003 – I survived Ovarian Cancer, Stage 1A. Praise the Lord for the circumstances around it that it was caught so early that I never needed chemo nor radiation. I did have a total hysterectomy and they removed my ovaries also. Which makes our daughter a double blessing since I could not have (biological) children.

2010 – I had the opportunity to have the job of a lifetime!

El Salvador 2011

My hubby while in El Salvador

March 2011 – My husband’s first missions trip to El Salvador. First introduced to “Broken” ministry.March 2012 – My husband’s second missions trip to El Salvador

April 2012 – My husband fell into the arms of Jesus and He allowed him to live.

May 2012 – We were moved from the hospital into HealthSouth (Inpatient Rehabilitation) & Happy TENTH Anniversary

June 2012 – From inpatient to outpatient. Let the healing games continue…

October 2012 – Major seizure, hospitalization

April 2013 – Where did the last year go? From this point you will just have to read 🙂 and join me to get a glimpse of surviving and caring for a TBI survivor.

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