April Snow Showers

Today was a really good day! Today I woke up with purpose. I woke up knowing that there would be trials, tests, and a chance of snow, but in my heart I asked God to give me peace and joy today despite the things that were to come.

Yes, where I live we actually had snow today. As crazy as that may sound since it was in the 70’s yesterday. When the weather changes so suddenly it seems there is always a bad wind storm. I went to see some family today and on the way back home as my husband and I were traveling the wind started to push our van from side to side. I always first think could there be a tornado warning. My mind (and part of my motto) always heads to the worst case scenario. I do not dwell on the worst case, but I like to plan for the worst. I often tell others plan for the worst situation that can happen, but HOPE for the best.

In everyday life, there are always these wind storms. These storms can paralyze us in fear or they can be a tool that makes us stronger. I feel there have been so many times that I can become paralyzed with that fear. In order to combat that I do the hypothetical and plan for the worst case. There is something about honestly looking at the worst that takes the fear away. I believe that is a tool God has trained up in me so that I can cope with so many things that have happened in my life.

Our daughter having a "Daddy Daughter Date" while he was recovering at inpatient rehabilitation

Our daughter having a “Daddy Daughter Date” while he was recovering at inpatient rehabilitation

The coolest thing is that going through all of these so-called tragedies has really given me a better outlook on life. I have learned that there is always good that comes from the not so good and ugly. From that snow storm in April, I will enjoy so much more the 70’s of May (or July). Through my husband’s accident, I have been given a gift of knowing that life matters so much more than the little irritations like snow in April.

One response to “April Snow Showers

  1. That last line of your post says it all! 🙂 You’ve got a great writing style. Keep going! Can’t wait to see all the areas of the world that your blog reaches! 🙂

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