The Beautiful Thorns in Life

Today was a day of many feelings and emotions. As I sat with a friend and talked about life, we looked across the way and there were rose-bushes waiting to be planted. Now when you look at the plant wrapped partially in the plastic, all you can see is the painful thorns. It would be easy to focus on the thorns and think of all the reasons why it would be harmful to try to pick it up and plant it.

This is how life seems at times. It is hard to look past the thorns in life. To see past the sharp edges of the accidents, injuries, heartache, and pain and see the beautiful and stunning roses that will one day blossom. I believe we can all relate to this one way or another. We have all been through a time in our lives where the pain and agony just did not seem to make sense. From our visual perspective, the end does not seem to justify the means. Truthfully, there are times we may never know what that beautiful rose will look like. And yet we must hold on to the truth that rose-bush across the way will bloom one day into a fragrant blossom.

What does it need to flourish? What gets the plant to the point of that gorgeous blossom? I am not a gardener but I know that at a minimum it takes time, patience, tender care, and pruning. Yes, a lot of pruning. There have been so many struggles that I feel like that raw rose-bush. I am waiting for the day when that blossom will become beautiful and fragrant. I also know that there are times when I may be searching for the fragrant bloom, but in all reality the beauty is in that thorn. Or rather what I may see as a thorn.

What is the “thorn” that you are facing today? Job loss, divorce, death, pain? I could go on and on with so many thorns that we are faced with. I want to encourage you, as crazy as I may sound, to cherish those thorns because it is in facing them that the Lord is pruning you and me. In my life, it also seems to be the times when I am the closest to Him and can feel His presence. He is the Master Gardner and the beauty that should be seen through our trials.

5 responses to “The Beautiful Thorns in Life

  1. So beautiful and so encouraging!!!

  2. Found your blog through Natasha. Praying for you and your precious hubby! My marriage has been pretty thorny here lately … I’ll try to remember that roses are coming!

    • It is, that rose is working it’s way through. I can assure you that it is worth the fight for marriage. My husband and I did not have a perfect marriage (of course I do not know one couple that has had a perfect one), but I can tell you that God has always seen us through and I do believe that all of our choices have consequences. In marriage there are good and bad just as in other areas of life. I want the best. Whatever that may look like or how rough the path of thorns to get there, only God knows, but I want HIS blessing over it and in that I will have true love.

    • My neighbor did. He is a bit simlpe now, not the roughneck guy he was. Able to talk with some slur, not too bad, but kinda slow mentally, like a child. And he drags one foot and one of his hands is kinda curled looking.

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