One Year Ago Today

A brief story:

On April 19, 2012 I received that phone call. The phone call we all dread. The phone call that would forever change not only my husband’s life, but the life of all of those people that surrounded our hearts. It was a warm morning and I will never forget the feel of the area rug as I fell to the floor. I almost didn’t answer the phone when I looked at the caller ID. I thought it was his supervisor calling to leave the information for him to work overtime on the weekend, but I did answer and life has never been the same since. My husband had fallen 37 feet onto a concrete pad. His job site was over an hour away from our home and initially they could not tell me what facility he was being flown to for treatment. After some time had passed, I received a call from one of the many trauma physicians asking if it was okay to administer life saving treatment. Without hesitation, I said YES! It is truly a miracle that he is alive today. He was a Glasgow 3 upon arrival to the trauma center. This means he had no eye, motor, or verbal response to stimuli. In future blogs I will also address the various injuries and surgeries and the recovery process we have taken. 

They could not tell me if he would live or die. They could not tell me if he would be a vegetable. All I knew is I was not ready to say goodbye. In this past year however, I have had to start the processing through that grief of saying goodbye. Although my husband has survived in a clinical sense, he also died that day. I will go into more detail as I blog about the grief and loss that often happens in traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Today is the one year anniversary of my husband’s accident. The accident resulted in multiple orthopedic injuries as well as a severe traumatic brain injury. My goal with this blog is to address the real life situations and hurdles that accompany traumatic brain injury. As the spouse and primary caregiver I have found that there are so many trials that come that either are not addressed or not addressed realistically in books or articles. I have no clinical certifications, this is simply from my personal life experiences. My hope is not to discourage as I write about the realities but that others out there will draw from this blog and feel encouraged. You need to know that you are NOT alone and I hope that you will find the strength to continue loving and supporting your loved one(s) through whatever illness or trauma they may be facing.

2 responses to “One Year Ago Today

  1. It’s encouraging to read your blog. I always wished that I could talk to other people that had/are going through a spouse with TBI. It’s been 13 years since my husband’s accident/injury, and although he has recovered and appears normal…I still live with the TBI. Some days I forget and take it personal and I have to remind myself. There was a moment in the first year where God asked me to stay the course and if I did He would be with me and give me what I needed, including a new perspective and a better attitude (on most days). Still, there’s this wish to be understood by others walking the same road. God give you strength, one day at a time!
    Angi Near
    Port Protection, Alaska

    • It is good, no great to hear from a fellow survivor!!! Eventhough we are technically not the TBI patient, we are survivors of this in my personal opinion! I do feel that the Lord had to convict me of that as well (to stay the course with him) and that he used very specific people, situations, and verses to bring mw to that point of resolve. You hit the “nail on the head” HE will give us perspective, ability, and whatever else we may need. That is why I started this because I feel that need as well. The need to be understood and to give that to others traveling this path. 🙂

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